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A couple years back I got hooked on the Avatar: The Last Airbender series on Nick and after that series ended I started to get interested in more anime shows like it. I’ve watched a ton since then and have recently finished watching the 26 episode series called “Claymore”. Claymore is essentially an anime focusing on a young boy and a girl who fights monsters wielding a huge sword. Honestly, it took me a few weeks to actually take the time to watch the first episode but, I was very happy that I did. I finished all 26 episodes over the course of about 2 weeks.

I was addicted, I couldn’t stop watching and every episode left me wondering what would happen in the next. Typically when I think of an action based anime I imagine a poor storyline with nothing but a ton of battle scenes but with Claymore I felt that it had a balance of both emotional and action packed scenes. The show is called “Claymore” because of a main group featured in each episode called Claymores. Rocky is a young child who lost his family to these monsters called the Yoma. The claymores were made to kill yoma, it was basically their job. Rock ran into a claymore called Clare. Clare at first seemed very lifeless but as the two meant and learned more about each other they began to realize that they were both special and they needed each other.


People feared the claymores, they viewed them as yoma because they had yoma inside of them but, Rocky didn’t really see Clare this way. Rock travels with Clare throughout each episode and when they depart they promise to see eachother again. I was very impressed on how many characters they were able to fit into their story and I was actually able to know a bit about the others as well. The story wasn’t all about the two main characters, there was so much more to it and as you watch it you are able to become touched by the others and their stories. You feel for the claymores, you feel for the humans, and you even feel for the yoma and the awakened beings.

The action sequences are great in my opinion, one of the best I would say. I love the special moves that the yoma and claymores have. The blood effects are really interesting. You see swords hitting them like they are cutting them and then you see the monster or claymore say something and the next thing you know, their bodies are split into tiny cubes as they fall to the ground. The claymores use their yoma powers inside of them in fights but, if they pass their limit they can become too powerful and use to much of their yoma abilities and become what they call an awakened being. This can instantly make an action scene into a very emotional and touching scene as the claymore passing their limit wants to be killed before they fully turn into a yoma, they want to die human, not a monster, and often times their fellow warriors are asked to deliver the final blow.


The art style is dark and very high quality. Claymore is a mix of sci-fi and kind of a medieval type setting. You have knights, swords, castles, chapels, and monsters, and the buildings are modeled just like European buildings during the medieval times. I didn’t watch the original versions, I watched the english dub simply because I cannot stand to sit there and read the captions. In my opinion, reading the captions makes you far to focused on reading rather then thinking about what is happening in the story.

One thing that did disappoint me about Claymore is that the ending made you feel like there was a season 2 or more episodes were on the way or something but,its been years and nothing more has been announced. Knowing this was slightly disappointing because I wanted to see more of what was going to happen. It wasn’t a complete cliffhanger but, it sure did make you feel like they were ending it only to continue it later on.

Nonetheless, this was for sure one of the best anime’s I have ever watched. I couldn’t stop watching it and definitely recommend it to anyone who likes action and a good story line. Even if you like more emotional/romantic anime I think you’ll be able to find something you love about Claymore because it really does have a great storyline to go with the action.

What did you think of Claymore? Do you plan on watching it?


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  • David

    i love the manga and the anime even though they differ a little bit in story but unfortiunately, there probably wont be a season two or a remake until the manga is over which will probably be in 2014 or later. Thats just a educated guess though