Future Black Ops 2 Patch Includes Theater Mode Fix, Dragon Fire Fix, and More

Black Ops 2 has received many complaints about issues, glitches, and errors. David Vonderhaar, developer with Treyarch tweeted out some of the things that you can expect to see in an update that may or may not come out today.

  • Theater Mode “UI error 226117.”
  • Escort Drone glitch (Attacks owner while under the map.)
  • Dragonfire glitch. (Won’t deploy.)

These are 3 important patches that David Vonderhaar felt was worthy for the average COD gamer to know about but of course, the list is quite a bit larger. With a newly released game the developers of that game almost always have a ton of updating to do. Hopefully Black Ops 2 gets better and better as updates are pushed.

Are there any things you think need fixed (besides connection/lag) in Black Ops 2?

Source: Mp1st